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Blaurock uPVC Windows with integrated roller shutters are the best choice to enhance your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for renovating your house or you are having a new construction site in place that you need windows for.

There is a reason why Blaurock uPVC Windows with integrated roller shutters are called “FensterWunder” (transl. window miracle) in Germany, because there is nothing comparable that is available on the market.

The miracle about our window is that we were able to combine the best features of windows and roller shutters into one product without sacrificing the design. A slim and elegant design with the benefits of an outstanding thermal insulation by using state of the art materials and production techniques make Blaurock uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters (FensterWunder) the best of its kind.

The roller shutter which is built into the top frame of the window and hence almost invisible, provides several advantages.

In addition to a great thermal insulation, created by insulating layers of air between the roller shutter and the outside of the window, that reduces your energy consumption and keeps your place warm in winter and cool in summer, the roller shutters also contribute to a higher level of noise reduction, which you wouldn’t receive with just a normal window.

Furthermore, roller shutters support you with a massive improvement of privacy and light control. That means you can completely darken your rooms at any time you want and enjoy a better sleep. Moreover, you don’t have to worry anymore about neighbours or other people starring into your home.

Beside all of those benefits that roller shutters supply, they are also an additional barrier, preventing burglars to break into your home.

Combined with the benefits of Blaurock uPVC windows, such as an innovative thermal insulation with three surrounding sealing levels and high-quality glass in addition to several insulating chambers integrated in the frame of the window, solid safety mushroom fittings, high durability with smooth and weather-resistant surfaces make your windows look beautiful for a long time with little cleaning effort.

All of those benefits of roller shutters and uPVC windows are implemented in just one product that you can deserve the best enjoyment.

That means no separate installation of roller shutter boxes and windows which would increase the costs as well as no detraction or thermal bridge caused by roller shutter boxes.

Blaurock uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters (FensterWunder), designed for your wellbeing in mind.


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