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Hurricane Irma creates new jobs

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Blaurock, a family owned business, produces hurricane proof windows and doors for the Caribbean again.

The high quality products could withstand the strong impacts of the hurricane Irma and created new jobs with a volume of half a million Euro.

Such a call does not come every day: "Hello, this is Ron from Anguilla", heard Rainer Reichert, CEO of Blaurock in Salz, Germany, during the rush of the end of the financial year in December 2017. The unexpected phone call turned out to be a Christmas present for the family owned business. The manager of a hotel resort orderd again the well known hurricane proof windows and doors from Germany after a ten year break for initially half a million Euro.

The reason for the call has been the hurricane Irma, which caused major damages in the Carribean at top speeds of up to 350 km/h in autumn. Irma devastated much of the island Anguilla. Everything has been in ruins, but the special built hurricane proof windows from Blaurock which got installed 10 years ago could withstand the impact of the storm.

For Ronen Arava, project manager of the Cuisinart Anguillan Development Corporation was clear that only the hurricane proof windows from Blaurock could be used for the rebuilding of the hotel resort. Rainer Reichert, CEO, flew to Anguilla to examine the immense damage as well as the windows which got produced and installed in 2007/2008 by Blaurock.

By the end of May 2018, Blaurock will deliver the hurricane proof windows to Anguilla. Those windows will get installed in the clubhouse, bungalows and the spa. The production at the headquarter in Salz, Germany is running at full speed and all employees work together in the most efficient way to finish the order on time. On site, specialists from Blaurock will monitor the installation process to secure the high quality for our customer.

The special windows from Blaurock got successfully tested to withstand hurricanes in Orlando/USA at the first order. A new testing is not required by our customer Ron as he said 'The Blaurock windows and doors are now Irma proof. That's the best seal of quality you can give.'

The new windows and doors for the Caribbean will have the same robust features as the previous ones, plus improvements and optimizations. 'After all, we've been developing our windows and doors within the last ten years', says Rainer Reichert, who is reasonably proud of his products. 'For Blaurock, this order is one of the largest single orders in the 52-year history of the company' he states.



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