Do I need to move out while my new Blaurock uPVC windows or doors get installed?

No, you don't need to move out while your new Blaurock windows and doors get installed. Our qualified installers reduce noises and dust to its minium to create the best possible atmosphere during the installation process for you.

How long does the installation of Blaurock uPVC windows or doors take?

The duration of the installtion can vary depending on the size and complexity of your new windows and doors.

Who will install my new Blaurock uPVC windows and doors?

Blaurock products get installed by our experienced and qualified staff.

What will happen to my existing roller shutter box after Blaurock uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters got installed?

Your exisiting roller shutter box gets filled with insulation material to make sure that the thermal bridge is professionally closed and that you can enjoy your new windows in its fullest.

Do major damages to walls happen through the installation process?

No, we remove your existing windows and doors and install your new products from Blaurock with the most care.