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in its class.

We are aware of all circumstances.

That is why we can offer you windows that matches all your needs - together with the newest technology of glass fiber reinforced profiles.


An advanced product that appeals.

Focusing on our customers wishes we were rethinking our product line and developed a revolutionary uPVC window to be ideal for both renovations and new constructions.


Our 82 mm profile which is suitable for renovations as well as for new constructions are even more energy efficient than ever before. A window system with steel reinforcement has become reality.

At Blaurock, outstanding technology with an aesthetic design tailored for your needs is our promise to you.

Our  uPVC windows with 82 mm depths as well as all other Blaurock products follow the same standards for your security and environmental protection.

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The classic geometry of our windows with their clear, straightforward and timeless lines fulfills the requirements of modern architecture. You benefit from barely visible silver-grey seals and a deep-set glass rim which create a visually slim frame.

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Blaurock uPVC Window Door Sliding
Blaurock uPVC Window Door stationary
Blaurock uPVC Window Door tilt turn
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