What is the price of Blaurock uPVC windows and doors?

The prices of our windows and doors depend on the specification and size of your chosen style. To receive an accurate quotation, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

Where can I buy Blaurock uPVC windows and doors?

You can buy Blaurock windows and doors by contacting our sales specialists. Please use our contact form that our experts can advice you free of charge.

Why should I use uPVC windows and doors rather than aluminium or timber?

The advantage of using uPVC windows and doors over aluminium or timber is their durability and energy efficiency. You find more information about our products and their benefits on our product page.

What are the advantages of uPVC windows and doors?

Blaurock uPVC windows and doors are almost maintenance free, requiring no painting or other special treatments. This makes our windows and doors ideal for places all around the world, especially coastal areas.
In addition to that, the thermal properties with a high energy efficiency are the major advantage of our uPVC windows and doors. With our 70 mm profile and our triple thermal insulation glazing your window can reach a U-value of 0.94 when the shutters are opened and a U-Value of 0.78 when the shutters are closed.

Can I replace my existing windows and doors with products from Blaurock?

You can replace your existing windows and doors easily with our products. Our specialists are happy to advice you with a customized solution for your property and our experienced and skilled installers take care during the installation that you will have an easy going process.

Do you have a show room?

Yes, we have a showroom at our headquarter in Salz, Germany. That you can find us easier, we have a map on our contact page implemented.

Do you manufacture the uPVC windows and doors by yourself?

All uPVC windows and doors from Blaurock are manufactured by ourselves at our headquarter in Germany. We are proud of having our production located in Germany to supply our customers with the best quality they deserve. No windows and doors leave our company without a quality check.

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticised Poly Vynil Chloride which is a very durable plastic with a high thermal insulation.

Does Blaurock produce tailor sized uPVC windows and doors?

All our products are tailor made to our customers needs. We manufacture our customers new windows and doors with the specification they require to fulfill all their needs.

What is your experience within the industry?

We are specialists in our field and have more than 50 year experience within the industry. Our company has outstanding and patended products which got awarded nationally as well as internationallly for their innovations.