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by its solution.

We understand the needs of your safety.

That is why we can advise you and create together a customized and tailor-made door according to your wishes without sacrificing the design.


A design product that protects.

Knowing about our customers diversity in tastes, wishes and needs, we decided to give you the largest possible variety of doors and their accessories.


As your home is an expression of your personality you can be your own designer of your door. You can choose between a great selection of different colours and combine it with shapes, handles, materials as well as fittings of your choice. 

At Blaurock, we leave nothing to chance to make the most secure and best designed door for you.

Our doors as well as all other Blaurock products follow the same standards for your security.

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A wide range of different types and designs of doors as well as a great selection of various glazing is available. You benefit from the customization of your main and side entrance doors, which makes your home more personal and improves your well-being.

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Blaurock uPVC Door modern rust
Blaurock uPVC Door modern light grey
Blaurock uPVC Door white glass
Blaurock uPVC Door wood walnut
Blaurock uPVC Door modern dark grey
Blaurock uPVC Door modern concrete
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