Our name is associated with a wide range of innovative products as we offer more than windows, doors and roller shutters.


We are proud to call garage doors, blinds, awnings, fly screens, door and terrace canopies as well as winter gardens a part of our product line.


uPVC windows made by Blaurock are ideal for all your needs and circumstances.

Our high quality, durable as well as environmentally friendly materials offer a great thermal insulation together with protective features manufactured to meet your wishes.


Our uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters are the best of its kind on the market.


Our patented technology offers you an outstanding product which combines an energy efficient solution including the benefits of privacy and sun protection linked to a maximum of design. 


with integrated roller shutters



Your key to more security are our uPVC doors.


Equipped with state of the art solutions, standards of five locks and built with high quality materials which is all embraced by a wide selection of modern and classic designs.


We secure your home like nobody else.

Our research and development of new products is focused on your security.

That is why we created hurricane/cyclone proof uPVC windows and doors to protect you and your property from natural disasters.

Withstanding the strongest storms ever measured, this product line gives you the security you deserve in extraordinary weather conditions.


uPVC windows and doors