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Fresh air for every room

Modern windows have automatic ventilation systems which create a healthy indoor climate and reduce the energy consumption as well as costs by regulated air exchange.

Fresh air is important for your health - both for your own home and for its residents. It protects against mold, ensures a restful and peaceful sleep and increases the ability to concentrate.

"In the past, windows were so leaky that there was always a natural exchange of air. Modern windows are much more closed and insulated to save energy costs. The disadvantage is an overhumidifcation of rooms, if not regularly ventilated", explains window construction expert and CEO Rainer Reichert of the company Blaurock in Salz, Germany.

If you want to save on heating costs, you should ventilate opposite windows at least three times a day for five minutes. This is much more efficient than tillting windows. "The air gets exchanged quickly and the rooms do not cool down so much, at least in the cold season," advises Rainer Reichert.

Window air flap ventilators are more comfortable than opening the windows. The automatic ventilation flaps are concealed inside the windows, which close during strong winds and prevent drafts. "Professional ventilation does not only create comfortable and more hygienic premises, but also reduces the energy consumption," says the experienced window manufacturer and specialist.

The current energy consumption law in Germany §6 requires that buildings must be permanently impermeable to air. However, at the same time, the minimum air exchange for health and energy reduction must be ensured.

In new buildings or when more than a third of existing windows get replaced during a renovation, a ventilation system is mandatory. Owners of a property should get professional advise from experienced companies like Blaurock.



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