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Difficult times for burglars

Blaurock, manufacturer of windows and doors now produces anti-burglary doors. Purchases are subsidized in Germany by the Federal Government.

More than 150,000 reports of housing burglaries got recorded by the police in 2016, about 30 % more than ten years ago. What helps: to make windows and doors as safe as possible, advises the police. Manufacturers of certified burglar-resistant windows and doors like Blaurock are listed in a directory of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Windows and doors of Blaurock comply with resistance class RC2. The standard is uniform throughout Europe. It regulates the safety standards of doors and windows.

If burglars do not make it into a property within two to five minutes, they usually give up, the police says. "Our doors with five bolt security locks resist typical tools used by burglars and are a reasonable and useful compromise considering costs and safety," explains Rainer Reichert, CEO of Blaurock. If you want to protect your house or apartment, you can also have your windows and doors retrofitted by Blaurock.

The fight against burglars is supported by the Federal Government of Germany. Homeowners and tenants can take advantage of substitution when purchasing certified doors in Germany. "Investing in burglar protection pays off!" appeals Federal Minister of Construction Barbara Hendricks to homeowners.



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