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These front doors protect against burglary

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

The number of burglaries have been stable for years and know only one direction: upwards.

Many older front doors, which partly favour this development, proved to be less stable. Rainer Reichert, CEO of Blaurock in Salz, Germany, explains to house and apartment owners what is necessary when you choose your front door and how that enables a relaxing holiday.

"Important for a secure front door are reinforced door leaves. They determine the basic stability of the door and prevent violent entry by kicking with boots or heavy tools. In addition, it is important to pay attention to a stable and difficult to manipulate door lock which is well anchored in the front door and does not stick out. "But that is not enough. Solid metal side locks protect the door on the hinge side from massive use of violence and force," says Rainer Reichert.

Also important is the glazing next to the front door. Safety glass should be in use for that to protect against smashing or breaking through the glass with tools. "In the manufacture of this glass, several layers of glass are bonded together by lamination or by the use of liquid resin," explains the CEO of Blaurock.

High-tech protection in terms of door security is the installation of a fingerprint system: This system contributes significantly to the security of the front door. Lost keys or an expensive lock exchange are in the past with that solution. At the same time, electric locks lock the door after every closing.

All those features result in a secure front door.


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Feb 01, 2023

Your home front doors must be equipped with deadbolts or high security door locks so that no one can gain access to it. Seek help from a locksmith to get the best security door lock for your front door.

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